Tech Toys supply good quality RC toys, battery and spare parts. We stock the full selection of Remote Control, Robotic Toys, Collectable toys,  Ride on car and bike, Electronic scooter and Educational children toys. Tech Toys also provide services and repair for your favourites RC toys


Specialise in;

Remote (RC) Toys | Ride on Cars | Educational Toys

Robotic Toys | Pocket Bike | RC Speed Boat | RC Heli | RC Plane | Nitro Power Cars | Music Instruments Set | Block Toys

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Address: 65, Jalan Inang 3, Taman Paya Rumput Utama, 76450 Melaka.


GPS: 2.280702,102.216055

Tel/Fax: 06-334 4898

Business Hours: 11am – 9pm (Open Daily)

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..Our Products..

RC cars / Helicopters / Quadcopters / Plane / Boat 

RC car heliRoboactor_melakaRC car heliremote-toys-melaka623RC car helisyma-quad-RC-heli
RC car heli20150108_153251RC car heli20150108_153307RC car heli20150108_153726
RC car heli20150108_153738RC car heli20150108_154005RC car heli20150112_184041
RC car heli20150115_193212RC car heli20150115_193346RC car heli20150115_193405
RC car heli20150203_162654RC car heli20150203_162902RC car heli20150203_163016
RC car heli20150203_163214RC car heliIMG-20150115-WA0013RC car heliIMG-20150130-WA0105
RC car heliRC-speed-boatRC car heliRC-spy-cam-heliRC car heliIMG-20150204-WA0001[1]

Battery operated ride on cars / motors / scooters

ride on cars20150203_195138ride on cars20150115_184037ride on cars20150203_195223
ride on cars20150202_205145ride on cars20150116_164237ride on cars20150116_164250

Collection Toys


toys collectionLBX-toystoys collectiongundam-bandai-melakatoys collection20150203_195938
toys collection20150203_195822toys collection20150203_195717toys collection20150203_195635
toys collection20150203_195544toys collection20150203_195534

Educational toys

toys collectionedu toystoys collection20150202_205640toys collection20150202_205605

For boys and girls 


toys 20150202_205524toys 20150202_205702toys 20150202_205722
toys 20150202_205751toys 20150202_205825toys 20150202_205911
toys 20150203_194447toys 20150202_210030toys 20150202_210011
toys 20150203_194520toys 20150203_194747toys 20150203_194825
toys 20150203_194841toys hello-kitty-toystoys musical-instrument-toys

New Arrival

toys collection20150113_165625toys collection20150202_205108toys collection20150202_205242
toys collection20150202_205950toys collection20150202_205319

Spareparts & Accessory

toy spare parts20150203_163321toy spare parts20150203_195023toy spare parts20150203_163337
toy spare parts20150203_195047toy spare parts20150203_195116toy spare partsIMG-20150110-WA0011
toy spare partsIMG-20150129-WA0227toy spare partsIMG-20150121-WA0041toy spare partsIMG-20150116-WA0011

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