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PicturesQue is the perfect balance of talent, service and size. Our experience has made us the logical choice for many of our clients and partners. These organizations count on us to deliver memories while adding value to their guests’ experience. We are honored by this trust, and take every effort to ensure that we deliver results that fulfill on these expectations. Our photographers understand the importance of providing a seamless experience to your guest, This is why we adopt your look and Policies as our own. PicturesQue has leveraged the power of social media to provide more engaging guest experiences… all while reducing overhead and increasing revenue for our partners. Our commitment to providing products that meshes with your guest’s daily patterns increases exposure for your venue. We service some of the most notable and sizable attractions in Malaysia in a way that has made us a seamless extension for the guest’s experience. We pride ourselves in our ability to integrate perfectly into your operation, and provide that turn-key solution that provides measurable improvements in revenue.

Pictures Que is the Photo souvenir industry leader in incrementally increasing revenue by refining our product, approach and service. We look at every detail surrounding your venue, location and point-of-sale operations.

Bottom line: We’re good to start… and we only get better after that.

PicturesQue Malaysia, based in Melaka specialise in imaging souvenir , information and documents solutions. We offer imaging solution segment for indoor and outdoor photography, services for instant printing. While the imaging souvenir solution we offers graphical printing on front panel display material such as shirt, mugs and many more.

We provide business opportunity to set up photography booth for all tourism spot around Malaysia

Specialise in;

Photography |  Merchandise

Imaging Solution | Vanue Photography | Tourism Spot Photogrpahy | 3D Imaging

Address: 2660-1, Batu 8 1/2, kg. Ghafar Baba, Tanjong Kling, 76400 Melaka.


GPS: 2.246566, 102.155844

Contact: Daniel Amar @ 019-242 2113

Tel: 06-2535551  Fax: 06-253 5552

Business Hours: 9am – 6pm (Mon-Fri) | 9am-1pm (Sat)

Closed on Sunday


Email: [email protected]  Website: www.picturesque.com.my

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