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Hulubalang Event with more than 10 years of experience in functions, event management and event organizer, a one stop centre. We cater all entertainment, promotional, seminar, launching for hotels, government and private company. Register with Ministry of Finance Malaysia and is a 100% Bumiputra Contractor Supplier.

 Specialise in;

Event Management | Function | Sound & Lighting System

Karaoke System | LED Screen | Sound & Lightings System | Artiste Arrangement | Launching Gimmicks | Staging & Truss | Canopy & Marquee Tent | Decoration | Corporate Dinner | Family Day | Sports & Recreation | Tour guide |Game Holiday

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Address: No.15 Jalan BU 2, Taman Bachang Utama, Bachang 75350, Melaka.


GPS: 2.22781, 102.252972

 Contact: Buck @ 012- 623 3081
Miera @ 012-623 3403 |  Nurul @ 012-623 3714 | Yaya @ 012-623 3402

Tel: 06-282 0189

Business Hours: 10am – 5pm (Mon-Fri) 10am – 1pm (Saturday)

Closed on Sunday




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Our Works

event staging malaysia event staging setup malaysia
indoor lighting disco light indoor stage event malaysia

Kids Fun Festival 2015 (28-29 November 2015)

Scope Job: Sound System

kids_eventIMG_0654 kids_eventIMG_0669 kids_eventIMG_0724 kids_eventIMG_0744
kids_eventIMG_0772 kids_eventIMG_0968 kids_eventIMG_1088 kids_eventIMG_1166

Karnival Produk Dan Perkhidmatan Koperasi Malaysia (MACCOPS) (26-29 Nov 2015)

Scope Job: Sound & Lighting System, Goldpost Truss, MCP, Screen & Projector, Plasma TV

maccopIMG_0380 maccopIMG_1629 maccopIMG_1677 maccopIMG_1637
maccopIMG_1671 maccopIMG_1674 maccopIMG_1801 maccopIMG_1897

Majlis Perasmian Sudut Tuan Yang Terutama Yang Di-Pertua Negeri Melaka (12 Nov 2015)

Scope Job: Launching Gimmick

YTY_perasmianIMG_1499 YTY_perasmianIMG_1511 YTY_perasmianIMG_1557 YTY_perasmianIMG_1517
YTY_perasmianIMG_1551 YTY_perasmianIMG_1561 YTY_perasmianIMG_1563 YTY_perasmianIMG_1566

Majlis Pelancaran Program Transformasi Sosial (31 Oct 2015)

Scope Job: Sound System & Launching Gimmick

launching_melakaIMG_1487 launching_melakaIMG_1448 launching_melakaIMG_1444 launching_melakaIMG_1482
launching_melakaIMG_1475 launching_melakaIMG_1442 launching_melakaIMG_1441 launching_melakaIMG_1437


Opening Ceremony Warehouse Extension Project (9 Oct 2015)

Scope Job: Sound System, Gimmick Launching 


opening_warehouseIMG_1341 opening_warehouseIMG_1316 opening_warehouseIMG_1336 opening_warehouseIMG_1317
opening_warehouseIMG_1333 opening_warehouseIMG_1332 opening_warehouseIMG_1334 opening_warehouseIMG_1331


Anniversary Dinner Panasonic Appliances Refrigeration Devices (M) Sdn Bhd (9 Oct 2015)

Scope Job: Sound & Lighting System, MCP, Dancers, Emcee, Balloon Decorations & Launching Gimmick

Annual Dinner15DSC_2501 Annual Dinner15DSC_2573 Annual Dinner15DSC_2632 Annual Dinner15DSC_2809
Annual Dinner15DSC_2543 Annual Dinner15DSC_2606 Annual Dinner15DSC_2612 Annual Dinner15DSC_2935

Pesta Klebang 2015 (04-27 September 2015)

Scope Job: Sound & Lighting System

pesta_klebang_melakaIMG_1154 pesta_klebang_melakaIMG_1160 pesta_klebang_melakaIMG_1170 pesta_klebang_melakaIMG_1172
pesta_klebang_melakaIMG_1179 pesta_klebang_melakaIMG_1251 pesta_klebang_melakaIMG_1223 pesta_klebang_melakaIMG_1157


Enagic Distributors Recognition & Eid Mubarak Celebration (14 August 2015)

Scope Job: Sound & Lighting, LED, MCP

event_company_2015IMG_1072 event_company_2015IMG_1073 event_company_2015IMG_1074 event_company_2015IMG_1076
event_company_2015IMG_1077 event_company_2015IMG_1078 event_company_2015IMG_1090 event_company_2015IMG_1101

Melaka Parade 2015 (12 June 2015)

Scope Job: Gimmick Launching, sound & Lighting, Goal Post, LED, Jimmy Jib, MCP

event_company_2015_003 event_company_2015_002 event_company_2015_005 event_company_2015_000
event_company_2015_006 event_company_2015_001 event_company_2015_004 event_company_2015_007


Hari Inovasi Peringkat Negeri Melaka (02 June 2015)

Scope Job: Gimmick Launching

opening_gimmickIMG_0664 opening_gimmickIMG_0670 opening_gimmickIMG_0665
opening_gimmickIMG_0686 opening_gimmickIMG_0687 opening_gimmickIMG_0694 opening_gimmickIMG_0697

Majlis Berbuka Puasa Petronas Bersama Anak Yatim @ Grand Dorsset Subang (07 July 2015)

Scope Job: Sound & Lighting System

hotel_eventIMG_0929 hotel_eventIMG_0938 hotel_eventIMG_0941 hotel_eventIMG_1020
hotel_eventIMG_0952 hotel_eventIMG_0942 hotel_eventIMG_1038 hotel_eventIMG_1055


TUDM Tour (01 Feb 2015)

Scope job : Bowling tournament, River Cruise and Malacca Beca arrangement

event arrangementIMG_7949 event arrangementIMG_7968 event arrangementIMG_7996 event arrangementIMG_7945
event arrangementIMG_8029 event arrangementIMG_8107 event arrangementIMG_8155 event arrangementIMG_8178


Annual Dinner Kumpulan Melaka Berhad (27 Feb 2015)

Scope job : Sound & lighting system,LED Screen, Artist Arrangement

annual dinner eventIMG_8296 annual dinner eventIMG_8286 annual dinner eventIMG_8395 annual dinner eventIMG_8220
annual dinner eventIMG_8393 annual dinner eventIMG_8436 annual dinner eventIMG_8400 annual dinner eventIMG_8233

Umbai Berselawat (07 March 2015)

Scope job : Sound & lighting system

Umbai BerselawatIMG_8558 Umbai BerselawatIMG_8624 Umbai BerselawatIMG_8562 Umbai BerselawatIMG_8542
Umbai BerselawatIMG_8490 Umbai BerselawatIMG_8537 Umbai BerselawatIMG_8485 Umbai BerselawatIMG_8494

Roadshow Convoy Proton (14 March 2015)

Scope job : Location arrangement, PA system, Emcee arrangement, Games arrangement

roadshow event protonIMG_8666 roadshow event protonIMG_8670 roadshow event protonIMG_8783 roadshow event protonIMG_8781
roadshow event protonIMG_8731 roadshow event protonIMG_8794 roadshow event protonIMG_8857 roadshow event protonIMG_8914

Majlis Pelancaran Bendera Ledang (18 March 2015)

Scope job: Launching Gimmick, LCD projector

Event LaunchingIMG_9061 Event LaunchingIMG_9027 Event LaunchingIMG_9060 Event LaunchingIMG_9056
Event LaunchingIMG_9059 Event LaunchingIMG_9050 Event LaunchingIMG_9033 Event LaunchingIMG_9035

 Festival Kebudayaan Dan Muzik IPMA (26 March 2015)

Scope job : Sound & Lighting System

sound systemIMG_9117 sound systemIMG_9120 sound systemIMG_9133 sound systemIMG_9203
sound systemIMG_9208 sound systemIMG_9224 sound systemIMG_9253 sound systemIMG_9254


Pameran Pengantin Mahkota Parade 2015 (8-10 May 2015)

Scope job : Sound, Booth setup, Talent arrangement, Emcee arrangement, Artist Performance arrangement

booth stageIMG_9749 booth stageIMG_9766 booth stageIMG_9853 booth stageIMG_9926
booth stageIMG_20150510_174405 booth stageIMG_20150510_172311 booth stageIMG_20150510_123038 booth stageIMG_20150510_165038

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