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D’Nias Beauty & Spa Melaka, a beauty therapy centre provide a one stop services for facial, spa, skin, slimming, resdung and hair therapy and care for you. D’Nias belive beauty thru treatment and therapy to rejuvanate your skins with vitamin C direct under the skin. D’Nias uses Dr. Azimuth products ( Halal & Chemical Free)  for all therapy.

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Specialise in;

Facial Therapy | Pelangsingan | Resdung Terapi

Massage | Facial Treatment | Reflexology | Make up | Muslimah Hair Salon | Spa | Slimming


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 Dnias Beauty Resdung Facial (2)  Dnias Beauty Resdung Facial (3)  Dnias Beauty Resdung Facial (1)


Call  017-6122676

Pakar Urutan Melayu Tradisional hanya RM39 ! Call for appointment now!
Khas untuk wanita yang sakit belakang, belikat dan angin banyak!


 DNias Beauty Spa Cheng Bestari Melaka

Address: No. 54, Jalan CB 1, Taman Cheng Bestari, 75350 Melaka.

GPS: 2.255638,102.225605

Contact: 017-6122 676

Business Hours: 10:30am – 7:30pm (Open Daily)

Email: [email protected]   Webpages: melakapages.com/dnias-beautytheraphy

Blog:  www.dniasbeauty.blogspot.com


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 Dr Azimuth Products  Dr Azimuth Facial Products melaka
 Facial Treatment rawatan  Rawatan Muka Terapi
 Slimming Treatment room  Facial Treatment room
 Muslimat Hair Salon Melaka  Beauty Spa Products
 Spa Melaka Dnais  DNias Beauty Salon Melaka

D’Nias Beauty & Spa (Placemark)