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Chew Sofa Melaka, deal in Sofa & Car, Boat and Airplane Cushion, Sofa & Repair.

Chew Sofa with more Than 20 Years Experiences in repair leather sofa in various vehicle.


Specialise in:

Sofa Repair | Massage Chair | Sofa Design

 Repair Leather Sofa |  PU | Office Chair | Bed Head | Design Sofa


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Address: No. 43, Jalan Pj 1, Taman Pertam Jaya, Semabok, 75050 Melaka.

 GPS: 2.190177,102.278895

Contact: Mr.Chew @ 012-3711256 | 019-7672802

Tel/Fax: 06-2865659

 Business Hours:  10am to 6pm (Monday – Saturday)

Closed on Sunday

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Our Works

 luxury customise bed frame  bed leather


antique sofa 100 years oldAntique Sofa Set 
Chew Sofa Design & Repair(Placemark)