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Andak Spa Melaka with the traditional kampung Malaysia ambient, a saloon for men to have traditional kampung spa in Melaka, which in Andak Spa by experience and professional masseur pamper you with exotic assortment of Spices, Herbs Juice, Herbs Ointment and combination of mature Alternative Traditional Therapy. Pak Andak the masseur with more than 35 years of experience in man health will surely get your health on track

Listen to your heart, come and feel the different and uniqueness


Mobile Spa to Hotel by booking

Massage by Appointment

Specialise in:

Men Massage | Traditional Massage

Aromatherapy Massage | Traditional Stretching & Strengthening | Aromatherapy Bath in Tempayan | Lime Bath | Steam bath with Herbs | Facial – Rejuvenation | Foot Treatment | Reflexology | Herbs Juice | Relax & Rejuvenate

马来传统按摩 | 香薰油按摩 | 香薰澡 | 恢复活力 |草药蒸汽澡 | 脸部护理 | 脚底按摩 | 草药饮料

Andak Spa, provide special bridal packages for men before the wedding

Lulur Badan atas Sampan | Urutan | Mandi Tempayan | Facial Wajah | Urutan Herba | Terapi Pengantin | Urut Sihat Lelaki | Resdung | Terapi Kaki | Bertungku Badan | Minuman Herba

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About Pak Andak

Andak or simply known as Pak Andak is a well known traditional masseur in Melaka. Started his skill in massage since 1989, Pak Andak never stop to improved his skill in traditional men health massage, body massage, knowledge on herb , men exercise , and uses of traditional supplement. With this excellent skill Pak Andak running ANDAK Spa for men only located in Banda Hilir Melaka. Many traditional therapy such as traditional massage leaf bath traditional scrub aromatherapy head massage and tips for men health available in Andak Spa
Majority Pak Andak customer are local and foreigner especially from Singapore Australia Middle East n others SEA countries.

Men with health problem including ereticle dysfunction..Get Tips on overcoming it from Pak Andak

by Appoitment Only
Contact Pak Andak 0136384097 for appointment

Erectile dysfunction massage

Andak Spa invited those interested to learn Kampung style Spa Therapy together with Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) in KL. Kindly contact Mr. Andak @ 013-638 4099

Traditional Leech Oil / Minyak Lintah Tradisi

minyak lintah melaka
Minyak Lintah resepi lama turun temurun di Andak Spa amat baik utuk digunakan untuk urutan kesihatan laki-laki (urut batin) dan kesegaran kelakian. Ramuan tradisi ini di campur dengan pelbagai herba dengan proses jemuran. Diantaranya halia kering, serai wangi dan kayu manis dicampur dengan minyak lintah. Tidak hanya untuk kesihatan laki laki malah baik juga untuk kesihatan wanita teurtama di bahagian payu dara.

Traditional Leech oil from ancient recipe now available at Andak Spa. it’s proven good for men health, rejuvenate your manhood. This is made with various herbs like ginger, cinnamon, and many more. it’s useful for breast massage for women to reduce chronic sickness   

tongkat ali madu_melaka buah zuriat malaysia

Berita Baik
kepada pasangan yg berusaha utk mendapat Cahaya mata

Amalkan minum Madu Tongkat Ali bagi suami Dan Madu Kacih Fatimah utk isteri serentak minum air buah zuriat untuk meningkatkan tenaga batin Dan tenaga dalaman

Untuk pesanan hubungi Pak Andak @ 013-638 4099 / 013-638 4097

Bagi suami dicadangkan urut sihat laki-laki dan isteri urutan wanita

“berusaha utk mencapai impian keluarga anda, serta kesuburan dan kesihatan badan”

Good News For couple who like to have children!

Drink Tongkat Ali Honey for husband and Kacih Fatimah Honey for wife along side with Doum Palm water to increase the energy inside you!

Call for order  Pak Andak @ 013-638 4099 / 013-638 4097

” strive to achieve your dream family, fertility and health “

Step on Training for Massage Classes also Available


Address: 2-1, Jalan PM 14, Plaza Mahkota, 75000 Melaka.


GPS: 2.188276, 102.245824

Contact: Andak @ 013-638 4099 / 013-638 4097

Call/SMS/Whataspp for Appointment

Business Hours: 12:30pm – 9:30pm (Tuesday – Sunday)

Closed on Monday

Our Products
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